Meet the NEW Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer!

sublimation printer
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The SG1000 is one of the latest desktop printers from Sawgrass. Your business and customer’s needs have changed and now is a great time to add a new sublimation printer to your store. Johnson Plastics Plus Digital Printing Product Manager Steve Stallard will show you how to expand into new markets by offering customers FULL COLOR sublimated face masks and personalized drinkware. Plus, Steve will show you the compact footprint and outstanding print quality of the SG1000. 1. See why the new SG1000 is a great upgrade to your sublimation setup 2. Learn how to sublimate face masks and coverings with variable data 3. See how easy it is to add a mug press to your business 4. Find out about the top trending drinkware to offer your customers