Badges, Holders & Findings

Our collection of name badges and blank badges are the perfect base to showcase your UV-LED printing and full-color designs. Discover badges in a range of materials and sizes to fit an array of applications. Whether you need a leather look or a classic aluminum, our collection has you covered. You’ll find the right accessories to complete the badge include badge holders, badge magnets, badge frames and pinbacks!

What magnet should I use for a name badge?

For a name badge, a small and lightweight magnet is usually sufficient to securely hold the badge in place without being too heavy or cumbersome. When choosing a magnet consider the size of your badge, the badge application, and the weight of the badge itself. For example, a magnetic finding may be best for those who don’t want damage to clothing from finding options, like pinbacks.

What are the options for name badge findings?

Badges are used in a variety of settings. For example, this may include name tags for staff, identification badges for corporate building security. Name tag findings often include magnets and pinbacks. Identification cards are sometimes on a swivel badge finding to be attached to a lanyard or on a bead chain to be attached to a bag. Our collection offers several options to fit your specific application!