Sublimation Blanks

Discover trending sublimation blanks for your business. We carry a wide range of blanks for all of your sublimation needs. Shop sublimation canvas tote bags, sublimation hats, sublimation ornaments, and other unique sublimation blanks your customers will love.

Browse through our product offering of blanks and accessories to help spark creativity and find new sublimation ideas. Each sublimation blank comes with tech tips that will let you know the time and temperature the blank needs to be sublimated at.

What blanks can you sublimate on?

Sublimation blanks require a sublimation-specific coating on the blank, which means you either need sublimation-ready blanks or you need to purchase an additional sublimation coating to put on your blanks, but you might not get as good of quality as you would sublimation blanks that are made for sublimation. The blanks we offer for sublimation are sublimation-ready which means there’s no additional steps for sublimating these blanks.

It’s also important to use sublimation blanks that are white or light-colored. Because you can’t print white with sublimation, the blank needs to be white if you have white in your design, and your design should be darker than the blank in order for it to show up better.

How long does sublimation last on shirts?

When you sublimate a shirt, you use heat and pressure for the dyes of the design to turn into a gas and fuse into the fabric of the shirt, therefore creating a permanent print. This means that your design will last as long as the shirt itself lasts because the print has become a part of the material instead of sitting on top of the shirt.