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Start redeeming Points once you've earned 500 Points.

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At Johnson Plastics Plus we have everything you need to make it, mark it or personalize it so why not earn Rewards while doing it.
The more you shop, the more you'll enjoy Rewards.

1. Join Rewards

Earn 100 Points for just becoming a Rewards Member.

2. Earn Points

Earn 1 Point for every dollar spend on*.

3. Redeem Points

Start redeeming Points once you've earned 500 Points on orders with a minimum total of $50.

After you've earned 500 Points you may redeem at any time. Points expire at 180 days after issuance.

4. Receive Benefits

Members-only savings opportunities to earn bonus Points and free shipping on orders $149 or more. **

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Johnson Plastics Plus Rewards?

To become a Johnson Plastics Plus Rewards member, click “Join Rewards” above. If you already have an online account but are not enrolled in Johnson Plastics Plus Rewards, sign into your account, enter or confirm your phone number and then click “Join Now”. If you’re new to Johnson Plastics Plus, first create a account and make sure to check the box to join Johnson Plastics Plus Rewards.

How do I earn Points?

All Johnson Plastics Plus Rewards members will earn one point per dollar spent on qualifying online purchases made at (All equipment purchases are excluded from the Rewards program.)

Can I earn Rewards on purchases made via phone, email or fax?

No, the Rewards program is only affiliated with and with purchases made via the website. Purchases made via phone, email and fax do not qualify.

Are there any Johnson Plastics Plus products that don’t qualify for Rewards points?

Yes, ALL equipment and select toners and inks are excluded from earning Rewards points. Customers who purchase qualifying equipment earn JPP Bucks to be used on future purchases at

What is the difference between JPP Bucks and Rewards?

If you make qualifying equipment purchases you may earn JPP Bucks. To redeem JPP Bucks, you will be issued Rewards points to your account that can be used towards their next qualifying purchase at You have to have a Johnson Plastic Plus account to enroll into our Rewards program to redeem points earned from JPP Bucks.

Can I earn Points on purchases on custom or fabrication orders?

Points can be earned on custom fabrication orders placed online through . All other custom or fabrication orders placed through a customer service representative or sales representative, emailed orders, or via phone are not eligible for Rewards points.

When can I start redeeming Points?

This program requires 500 points purchases before you can redeem your Points. Points are accrued from the first dollar spent after signup and will show as “pending” in your Account History until the minimum level of 500 points is met. Points are issued as you earn them.

When are Points issued?

Points are issued at time of fulfillment and may be redeemed at the time of your next transaction if the minimum point level of 500 is met.

Can I choose how many Points are redeemed for Rewards at checkout?

If you choose to redeem Points for Rewards at checkout, the maximum available Points will be applied for that order. Rewards used at checkout will be applied to the cart total pre-tax, pre-shipping and after other discounts, a minimum $1.00 order total is required for credit card processing.

Is there a limit to the number of Points I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of Points you can earn.

How will I receive and redeem my Points?

You will receive your Points online in the Rewards section of your account. That can be found under the My Account page once you’re logged in.

Points expire 180 days after they are issued. Points can be redeemed only for online purchases at with a minimum order total of $50 before taxes and shipping.

You must be logged into your account to redeem Points. Points cannot be redeemed via a Guest Account check out, phone-in order or emailed order. To apply Rewards Points to your online order, applicable Points will be displayed upon account login. If you don’t have a FREE account, you can create one here.

How can I check my Points balance?

All of your Rewards Points information will be available within the Rewards section of your My Account profile after you’ve logged in to your account. If you don’t have a FREE account, you can create one here. If your account is missing your balance, make sure you’ve created an online account following the steps above, and that your email and phone also match the information you entered for your Rewards account.

Is this Rewards program open to all customers?

The program is open only to residents and businesses based in the United States and Canada who are the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence.

Select customers may not be eligible, due to extensive tiered pricing, rebates and discounts already applied to net cost, select (Franchise customers) may not be eligible to apply for our Rewards program. Other select education, government, corporate, and highly contracted customers may also be ineligible. Please see your account manager or contact us with any questions on program qualifications.

Can I merge two separate Rewards accounts into one account?

Points are non-transferrable. Rewards accounts cannot be combined or merged.

This Rewards program is provided by Johnson Plastics Plus, and its terms may change at any time. For Full Rewards Terms and Conditions, please see