Metal Sublimation Sheet

Find a wide range of sizes and thicknesses of metal sublimation sheets. The metal sheet materials you can find on this page are aluminum sublimation blanks, brass sublimation blanks, silver sublimation blanks, and more. When you personalize with sublimation on metal sheet, you can create quality signs, nameplates, badges, and so much more!

All metal sheets shown here are sublimation-ready, so you don’t have to worry about quality or durability of your design when you’re personalizing with sublimation on these metal blanks.

Can you sublimate directly on aluminum?

You can only sublimate on aluminum or any metal material that contains the special sublimation coating, which means you can’t sublimate on just any aluminum sheet you find. The selection of metal sheet shown here all contains the special coating for sublimation, so you won’t need to take any additional steps before sublimating on your aluminum sheet.

How durable is sublimation on metal?

Sublimation on metal is highly durable. After the sublimation process, your design will become a part of the material itself and won’t be sitting on top of the substrate, so your design is as durable as the metal materials you’re sublimating.