Sublimation Apparel & Wearables

Discover a diverse range of sublimation-ready apparel blanks, which include t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, totes, blankets, and more. Our selection of sublimation bags includes tote bags, canvas bags, drawstring bags, and many more styles of sublimation-ready bags to fit the needs of your customers. Create vibrant designs for sublimation hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more that customers can wear to support their favorite sports teams, schools, and players. These sublimation-ready apparel blanks are perfect to personalize for school merch, company shirts, and branding for small businesses.

What shirts are best for sublimation?

The shirts that are best for sublimation are shirt that are made of 100% polyester or polyester blends. The special sublimation coating that is required for sublimation is a polyester coating, so shirts sublimate the best when they are mostly polyester.

What kind of hats can I sublimate?

You can sublimate any type of hat as long as it is sublimation-ready. Polyester hats will give you the best results when personalizing with sublimation. All of the sublimation hats we offer are sublimation-ready, so they will give you the best results when sublimating.