Holders & Frames

Discover the perfect frame to display wall holders, name plates, signs, directories and more! Our collection features metal sign frames and plastic sign frames alongside wooden desk holders to fit a variety of budgets and applications. Whether you need a stand along desk holder, a ribbed wall holder, or a plastic sign – we’ve got you covered.

How do you mount signs to a wall or door?

Mounting signs to a wall or door can be done using various methods, and the choice of method often depends on the type of sign, the material of the surface, and the desired aesthetic. One feature to consider when mounting your wall or door sign is the sign frame you’d like to use. Wall holders are available in several finishes and styles. These holders may be suitable for one or multiple signs and made of plastic or metal.

What is a desk holder?

The term desk holder typically refers to a device or stand designed to display signs, nameplates, or other informational placards on a desk or tabletop. These holders serve a functional and often aesthetic purpose in various settings, such as offices, reception areas, conferences, events, and retail spaces.

The design and style of sign desk holders can vary, ranging from simple and functional to more decorative and customized options. These holders play a role in maintaining a well-organized and visually appealing environment while providing important information to individuals in a specific space.

Our collection of desk holders includes a range of styles and materials to fit a variety of spaces and applications.