Sublimation Awards & Plaques

Discover a world of sublimation award blanks to help you and your customers celebrate achievements in a unique, full-color, personalized way. Our sublimation-ready award blanks include an array of sleek plaques, medals, and ribbons.

Personalize our blank sublimation plates, plaques, medals, ribbons, and more to provide your customers with a unique and vibrant experience to celebrate their successes. Our blank sublimation ribbons are perfect for sports and school competitions that want a touch of personalization. The blank sublimation plaques are a great way for your customers to reward employees or other people in their lives with an elegant award of excellence.

What is a sublimation plaque?

A sublimation plaque is a blank plaque that can be personalized with full-color sublimation. Sublimation requires an item to have a special sublimation coating, so sublimation plaques already have that coating and are ready to be used with sublimation. All of the plaques shown on this page are sublimation-ready!

What kind of ribbon is used for sublimation?

Ribbon made of polyester or polyester blends is best for sublimation. Sublimation requires polyester in order for the sublimation dye to be permanently bonded to the material. All sublimation ribbons shown on this page are made with polyester to give you the best results with sublimation.