Sublimation Bags & Totes

Discover an assortment of high-quality totes, bags, and carryalls created specifically for sublimation. Combine fashion and practicality by sublimating canvas bags, tote bags, drawstring bags, and more! These polyester bags for sublimation will catch the eye of your customers once they’re fabricated with custom and vibrant designs.

If you’re looking for sublimation purses for your customers, the sublimation tote bags and canvas bags are trendy and hot items for consumers to carry their belongings. Sublimation drawstring bags are great to offer to customers who have kids in sports or school to help carry clothes, books, and more while staying stylish.

Can you do sublimation on tote bags?

Sublimation requires your bags to have a special sublimation material, which is polyester, in order for the sublimation ink to permanently infuse into the material of the bag. 100% polyester and polyester blends are great to use with sublimation. All of the bags shown here are ready to be used with sublimation.

Can you heat press vinyl on tote bags?

As long as the bag can withstand the heat and pressure of the fabrication process, the bag can be used with heat press vinyl. All bags shown on this page are suitable to use with heat press vinyl.