If you’re searching for the perfect wood product for your next full-color printing project – our collection has you covered! The collection features a variety of types of wood sheet to keep up with the ever-changing trending aesthetics. Looks aren’t all this line has going for it – all of the wood sheet products features on this page have been tested for use with UV-LED printing and are offered in several sizes to fit your specific needs!

Can you print on wood?

Wood is a timeless material making it attractive for a wide range of projects, including full-color printing! However, not all woods are created equal. If you’re thinking about incorporating wood in your next UV-LED project, start with material that has been tested and notated by the vendor for compatibility with UV-LED printing. Our line of wood sheet material includes several types of wood that are suitable for both laser engraving and full color printing – let the creativity begin!

What is the cost of wood for UV-LED printing?

There are several factors that impact the price of wood sheet material. Our collection of UV-LED printable wood sheet has a wide range of price options to suit your needs. The price may vary depending on product thickness, product color, type of wood, and sheet size!