Explore more than twenty-five laser engravable product lines from trustworthy brands such as Rowmark, IPI, LaserBits, and Durablack. Discover multiple color-combinations and varying material durability options for a worry-free project regardless of if you need outdoor plastic sheeting or sign metal sheet. The materials listed on this page are suitable for CO2 laser engraving, notated by the laser icon, so you’ll never have to guess what products can be laser cut safely.

What is laser engraving sheet used for?

Laser engravable plastic is often used for projects that need a high level of detail or color contrast. The plastic sheets consist of either a single colored layer (1-ply), colored top layer and a colored bottom layer (2-ply), or three layers of color (3-ply). Laser engraving material allows for durable, detailed work for signage and creative project. Other materials that may be laser engraving include laser engraving metal sheets, laser wood, and laser safe leather.

Laser engraving double color plastic sheet?

Laser engraving plastic sheets is done using either vector or raster cutting. When laser engraving a double-color laser sheet, the laser burns off the top layer to expose the second layer underneath. This process is used to create laser engraving plastic name plates, custom engraved plastic signs, labels and tags. Single layer materials, like etched or marked, like engraving wood, laser etching aluminum are marked or etched by the laser engraver.