Corridor Brackets

Wayfinding signage is often double sided, so the information is visible from multiple angles. Multi-angle visibility is created using corridor or flag signs. Corridor sign mounts or flag sign holders are mounting options that allow for the signage to be slid into the holder and mounted either on the ceiling or wall, depending on the hallway or building layout. This signage design along with directory signage in sign frames, makes navigating buildings possible! Shop our collection to find the right mounting solution for your next project.

What is a corridor mount?

Corridor mounts are a method or system for mounting signs within corridors, such as directional signs, safety signs, or informational signs. The mounting system might be designed to attach to the walls or other surfaces within the corridor, providing clear visibility and guidance for individuals moving through the space.

How do you attach corridor mounts?

The method of attaching corridor mounts can vary depending on the specific design and type of mount being used. Commonly, the first step is to determine the appropriate location within the corridor where the mount needs to be installed. Consider factors such as the desired field of view and the surface on which you’re mounting the bracket.

Corridor mounts often come with specific mounting hardware such as screws, anchors, or brackets. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the particular mount you are using.If the mount requires drilling holes, use the appropriate drill bit size for the anchors or screws. Be sure to drill straight and level to ensure proper alignment.

What height should corridor mounts be attached?

Depending on the environment and local regulations, there may be specific guidelines for the installation of mounts. Ensure compliance with any relevant codes or standards.