Tools & Accessories

We’ve gathered the most common and top trending mounting tools from brands like Simply and Gyford for adding finishes touches on your next project. Explore tapes and adhesives including sign frame tape, paper tape, foam tape and mounting tape for your signage projects. Don’t forget to add sign screws and sign inserts to your next order to keep your shop inventory stocked! In addition, we have light bases suitable for displaying home décor and other creative items made from acrylic sheet.

What are the different types of transfer tapes?

Transfer tapes for sign mounting are adhesive tapes used to attach signs or graphics to various surfaces. Different types of transfer tapes are available, each designed for specific applications. Common types include paper transfer tape, low-tack transfer tape, and double-sided transfer tape. Factors that impact your choice of transfer tape may include material texture, material weight, and the surface on which your sign is being adhered.

What tools should I have for mounting signs?

Mounting signs effectively requires the right tools to ensure a secure and professional installation. The specific tools you need can depend on the type of signs you're mounting and the surface they're being mounted on. However, the following items are a good starting point for building your sign mounting toolkit: a level, measuring tape, drill and drill bits, pencil, mounting tape and adhesive, anchors and screws. As you build your kit, or replenish your tried-and-true stock, shop our collection of mounting tools to find what you need!