Explore our broad selection of UV-LED printable plastics! With more than 70 color combinations of plastic and acrylic sheet from industry leading brands like Rowmark, you’re sure to find what you need for your full color printing project.

Can you full-color print on Rowmark material?

UV-LED printing is widely used in applications such as signage – making Rowmark material a perfect fit. Rowmark has a broad range of laser engraving plastics that are suitable for both laser engraving and full color printing with a UV-LED printer. Our collection is clearly marked to make it easy to choose the best material for your next job that requires full-color UV-LED printing, laser engraving, or both!

Can you UV print on plastic?

Yes, you can UV print on plastic! However, some materials are better suited for UV-LED printing than others. Certain characteristics including heat resistance, texture, and durability impact the product performance with UV-LED printing. We’ve gathered suitable acrylics and engraving plastic sheet material in an easy-to-shop collection!