Sheet Materials

UV/LED makes it possible to print beautiful, full-color images on a wide range of materials. Discover a plethora of print receptive options including acrylics, metal, wood, faux leather, and even magnetic and dry erase sheet products in our collection!

What is UV-LED Printing?

UV-LED allows full-color images to be printed and instantly cured through UV-LED light. UV-LED printing is widely used in applications such as signage, labels, packaging, and promotional materials. Its efficiency, versatility, and environmental benefits make it a preferred choice for many printing applications.

What materials are suitable for UV-LED printing?

There are specific characteristics that make materials compatible with the UV curing process including ink-compatibility, durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and adhesion. Adhesion promoters are also designed to enhance the compatibility of UV-LED printing. To reduce guess work in your printing process, our collection of print-receptive materials has been tested by our experts and marked on the website if deemed suitable for UV-LED printing.