Badge Holders | Findings

Discover the perfect finishing touch for your next name badge project! Our collection of mounting products features findings, frames, and lenses. Shop magnetic badge findings, pinback badges, and mounting tools, like key rings and loops, to add to engraving or sublimation badges for effortless display. You’ll discover top-tier brands like Rowmark alongside Made-in-America badge frames and clutches in this unrivaled collection.

What is a name badge finding?

A "name badge finding" typically refers to the attachment or fastening mechanism used to secure a name badge or name tag to clothing. Name badges are often used in various settings, such as conferences, events, workplaces, and retail establishments, to help identify individuals and facilitate communication.

Common name badge findings include pinbacks, magnetic attachments, clips or clasps, lanyards, and retractable reels.

The choice of a name badge finding depends on the specific requirements of the event or organization, as well as personal preferences for comfort and convenience.

Are magnetic badge findings safe?

Magnetic badge findings are generally safe for most people. The magnets are designed to be strong enough to hold the badge securely in place on clothing without causing harm.

However, it’s important to consider specific elements when consulting with your client on name badge preferences. People with pacemakers or other medical devices may need to be cautious around strong magnets, as they could potentially interfere with the functioning of these devices. In addition, small magnets can be a choking hazard for small children.

If individuals have concerns about the use of magnetic badges, they can consider alternative badge findings such as pinback or clips. Our collection offers several badge mounting options to keep everyone safe!