iColor 250

The iColor 250 is a countertop digital label printer and cutter that utilizes LED toner-based printing technology. This technology enables the printer to produce vibrant and durable labels suitable for various industries such as health & beauty, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and more. Some of our favorite features include its compact design, user friendly interface and the ability to print variable data and barcodes. With the customizable settings and variety of media options, the iColor 250 empowers you to unleash your creativity.

The iColor specializes in bringing your designs to life. Whether you want to use the iColor 250 as a label printer, decal printer or a sticker cutter, the iColor has the capabilities to produce elegant designs.

What type of materials can the iColor 250 print on?

The iColor 250 is designed to print on iColor high gloss BOPP and premium gloss label paper. It is capable of producing labels that can stick on various substrates including textiles, plastics, wood, metal, ceramic and more. Whether you’re creating promotional items, signage or gifts the iColor 250 has the ability to create your design.

Does the iColor250 require maintenance?

The iColor 250 does requires minimal maintenance and it is relatively straightforward. Some regular maintenance including, cleaning the printhead, checking the ink and calibrations for optimal outputs. The iColor 250 comes with an owner’s manual that will walk you through the cleaning process. There are also a number of resources online to guide users with the iColor 250.