Roland BN2-20 vs. Roland BN-20: What’s new?

Roland print and cut machines with products

Bright, vivid colors will bring your business a bright, vivid future. The Roland BN printer/cutter series, offers the ability to make t-shirts, stickers, decals, posters, and more with one product in one place at high-resolution dots per inch (DPI). Whether you want to upgrade your current production process or you are just starting, these printers/cutters will act as your all-in-one business partner at an affordable price or budget-friendly finance plan with Affirm.

First, let us start with the original Roland BN-20A.

Despite a learning curve, the Roland BN-20A welcomes all hobbyists and those with previous clientele looking to level up. This product can print up to 1440 DPI, allows CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) 220ML ink cartridges, cuts 5.9 inches per second, and prints as large as 18.9 inches at 7.5 square feet an hour. The best feature is the ability to cut contours in the VersaWorks software, and with reputable graphic design software, you can customize the contour cuts, too. The VersaWorks software is compatible with CorelDraw, Affinity, Adobe Illustrator, and Silhouette while allowing for the following file formats: EPS, JPG / JPEG, PDF, PSN / PRN, TIF / TIFF, and VW / RVWD / RVW. Our Advanced Support Team provides an easy guide to setting up custom cut lines to ensure success in this process! In addition to the technological specifications, the possibilities of personalization are limitless.

Roland BN-20A desktop eco-solvent printer and cutterRoland BN-20A desktop eco-solvent printer and cutter

The most popular customization memento is T-shirts, but why stop there? Using Satin Poly Heat Transfer Material and a heat press will allow you to branch into jerseys, aprons, gym bags, hoodies, pillowcases, and other diverse fabric materials! The sky is the limit in the world of fabrics. Think of t-shirts for your local high school volleyball team or consider monogram drawstring bags for Easter baskets this year. 

Print & Cut T-shirt with elephantPrint & Cut T-shirt with elephant
Print & Cut jacketPrint & Cut jacket
Print & Cut backpackPrint & Cut backpack
Stickers / Posters / Displays

Anything can be a sticker! Think about connecting with local tattoo shops to make stickers for their clients or fun graphics for teachers to use in classrooms with their students. The Glossy Solvent Paper with Adhesive will make that happen and more. This film will also do wonders for printing posters to decorate a home and enhance any Point of Purchase displays.   

Print & Cut Beer Casino StickerPrint & Cut Beer Casino Sticker
Print & Cut PosterPrint & Cut Poster
Print & Cut Car DecalPrint & Cut Car Decal
Finally, the new Roland BN2-20

Aside from a slight name change, the Roland BN2-20 is more extensive and faster! VersaWorks is still included and works the same. However, Roland took feedback and included Flexi as a compatible graphic design software to install with your purchase. Flexi is an all-in-one sign design and print software that is industry standard. Customers appreciate that no additional set-up is required for doing custom cut lines, and you can print straight from Flexi. Do not worry; if you still want to use your own graphic software and continue with the same file types as before, you can!

No more cutting off paper on your own! The BN2-20 has a cut sheet option in the utility window at one easy click to release your work when printing 4x as fast at 25.1 square feet an hour. The cut speed is 5.9 inches per second. The BN2-20 offers an 18.89 printing width; however, now you can print in White on top of CMYK 220ml ink configurations, allowing you to use dark, transparent, and metallic media still at 1440 DPI. The ink cartridges go inside the printer/cutter unit, so you can move around the machine without bumping into the cartridges. Now, a vacuum seal holds the media in place to prevent paper skewing and allow uninterrupted prints. 

Roland BN2-20 Print & Cut MachineRoland BN2-20 Print & Cut Machine
Which Roland should you get?

If you are beginning your journey in the personalization world but want to expand on various projects, you may be more comfortable starting with the Roland BN-20. If you already have versatility but are looking to be more efficient or want to upgrade from the BN-20, then the Roland BN2-20 is perfect. When creating with either of the Rolands, the world is yours.

Whichever one you choose, the Johnson Plastics Plus (JPPlus) Advanced Support Team will help you set up your new printer every step of the way. When you purchase a printer, JPPlus provides numerous videos to help you set up and adjust your new machine, and our team of experts is available to call and email if you need additional help. They are open for appointment-based calls Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Should you run into any issues or have additional questions outside of installing your new printer, they also assist in troubleshooting practices!

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