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Roland BN-20A and IColor 250 label printers with samples

When it comes to offering custom, personalized products, there are several different technologies and equipment types available to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to expand your business or just getting started in the personalization world, it can be a challenge to find the right process for your business.

A fast and easy way to grow your product offering and revenue is through equipment that features print and cut technology. There are several types of printer/cutters, from small table-top models to large printer/cutters with extended size capabilities. Here are some of the available options to help you get started in creating personalized products.

IColor 250

The IColor 250 Inkjet Color Label Printer & Cutter is a great avenue to get started in the personalization business. This all-in-one label and sticker maker gives you a simple way to make labels and stickers without having to cut by hand or use a second piece of machinery. This machine will allow you to do what you want to do by giving you options to print only, cut only, or print and cut.

At the lowest price point in the market, the IColor 250 helps you make more money faster. You’re also able to print a single label at a very low cost with no set-up, so you’re able to offer on-demand printing for your customers with no minimum order quantities. This compact printer and cutter doesn’t need much table or counter space and has a form factor that fits in almost any shop or office.

IColor 250 Label PrinterIColor 250 Label Printer
Stickers and Labels

When it comes to making stickers and labels on the IColor 250, you can get as creative as you want with designs and shapes. The built-in cutter can make extremely intricate cuts which means you don’t need to purchase a separate cutter or plotter.

Stickers are a popular item for universities, teachers, and other small businesses. Reaching out to these markets could help you quickly grow your customer base. Consumers also love custom stickers and decals for laptops, water bottles, cars, and more!

Plantish Lady StickerPlantish Lady Sticker
Wedding Envelope StickerWedding Envelope Sticker
Lotion LabelLotion Label
Roland BN-20 & Roland BN-20A

If you’re looking to grow your personalization business even further, the Roland BN-20A is a great printer and cutter to explore. This larger printer gives you much more versatility when it comes to what you can create.

Roland BN-20A Label PrinterRoland BN-20A Label Printer

One popular personalization avenue is customizing t-shirts for your customers. With the Roland BN-20 and the Roland BN-20A Printer & Cutters, you’re able to create fully custom transfers for shirts by printing heat transfer vinyl on the printer then pressing the transfer onto your shirt using a heat press.

Adding custom t-shirts to your business with the Roland BN-20 or Roland BN-20A is not only fun and easy, but it can also help you bring a whole new customer base to your business. So many different groups are looking for customized shirts for sports, community events, company events, and so much more! Not to mention, there is a huge profit margin when you personalize shirts for your customers.

Depending on your vendor, blank t-shirts can cost anywhere from $2.00-$5.00, but customers will spend around $12.00-$15.00 for customized shirts. That’s a $10 profit for you from just a single shirt.


Stickers are another popular item that are popular with schools and sports teams. Elementary teachers always have stickers on hand to give out to students and to even decorate their classrooms. As mentioned before, teenagers also love stickers to personalize their water bottles, laptops, and custom sports stickers with a school mascot and player jersey number are a great fundraiser for any team.

Car Decals

Creating car decals are also a great way to make money with the Roland BN-20A. Create decals for a high school or university where students can buy these decals for school spirit. Another great place to offer these are at sports tournaments. Set up a booth at a cheer competition where parents can buy decals that say “Cheer Mom” or “Cheer Dad” to show off on the back of the car.

Photography T-ShirtPhotography T-Shirt
Honey Jar LabelHoney Jar Label
Mascot Basketball Mom Car DecalMascot Basketball Mom Car Decal
The Right Printer and Cutter for You

If you’re just beginning your journey in the personalization world, you may be more comfortable with starting off small with the iColor 250. A small but mighty printer and cutter, the iColor 250 can create up to 3,000 prints in a single print job with speeds up to 4.5” per second which means you can service your customers fast and efficiently.

If you’re looking to do more in the personalization world and have more versatility, the Roland BN-20 or the Roland BN20-A is for you. When it comes to creating with the Roland, the world is really yours. You can create decals for soft surfaces such as apparel, and you can make stickers and decals for hard surfaces such as drinkware, windows, and cars.

Whichever one you do choose, the JPPlus Advanced Support Team will help you set up your new printer every step of the way. When you purchase a printer, Johnson Plastics Plus provides you numerous videos to help when setting up and adjusting your new machine, and our team of experts are available to call and video chat if you need extra help.

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