Heat Transfer

What is white toner printing?

White toner printing is a digital printing technique that uses specialized printers and toner cartridges to print white ink onto various types of media, such as paper, labels, fabric, and even dark-colored or transparent substrates. White toner can be used as an underbase layer, providing a solid white background that allows colors to appear more vividly on dark or colored substrates. It can also be used as a spot color to print white text, graphics, or designs on dark or transparent materials.

What can you print with white toner transfer?

White toner transfer printing is a versatile technique that allows you to print white images or text onto various surfaces, including dark-colored or transparent materials such as apparel, drinkware, stickers/decals, home décor, paper/stationary, hard surfaces, and promotional products.

Is white toner the same as DTF?

White toner printing and DTF (Direct-to-Film) are not the same thing, but they are related to different printing processes.

White Toner Printing:

  • White toner printing is a technology used in digital printing, primarily for heat transfer applications. It involves a specialized printer that uses white toner and other color toners (typically CMYK) to print full-color designs onto various substrates, including apparel, dark-colored fabrics, paper, and more.
  • This method is often used for creating detailed, colorful designs on dark-colored or black garments because it allows for the printing of white ink, which is essential for designs to show up on dark backgrounds.

DTF (Direct to Film) Printing:

  • DTF, on the other hand, is a printing technique used specifically for textile and apparel decoration. It involves printing designs directly onto a special film or transfer sheet using a DTF printer. These designs are then transferred onto the fabric using a heat press.
  • Unlike white toner printing, DTF does not typically involve the use of white toner, as it relies on the ability to print white ink directly onto the transfer film.