Plastic Sublimation Sheet

Discover sublimation plastic sheet options below. Personalize the plastic sheet below with full-color designs for your customers using sublimation. Whether you’re looking for plastic you can sublimate on both sides or one-sided sublimation plastic, you can find your match here. We offer a range of sizes and opacities of plastic sublimation sheet.

Can you sublimate on plastic?

You can only sublimate on sublimation-specific plastic. Sublimation requires high heat and pressure on the plastic in order for the design to fully transfer onto the material, which means you need a plastic that can withhold the heat and pressure. Sublimation also requires a sublimation-specific coating on the material, so it’s best to get sublimation-ready plastic, such as the plastic we offer here.

Can you sublimate on acrylic?

Not all acrylic can be sublimated, but you can sublimate on acrylic that contains a special sublimation coating. If you’re wondering if you can use sublimation on any of our acrylic sheet, check the product page for the “S” icon, which means that the material is sublimation-ready.