Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Explore our line of sublimation ink cartridges, guaranteed to give you vibrant colors on your prints. Shop sublimation ink cartridges that are compatible with your sublimation printer. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional printer, or an entrepreneur aiming for exceptional prints, these ink cartridges are the perfect choice for obtaining outstanding and durable prints.

Can you buy sublimation ink for a regular printer?

Because sublimation ink is a specialized ink, it should only be used with a dedicated sublimation printer and sublimation paper. The chemical makeup of sublimation ink is different than regular inkjet ink, which means sublimation ink would damage a regular inkjet printer.

What’s the difference between sublimation ink and regular inkjet ink?

Sublimation ink is more permanent and durable than inkjet ink. Rather than just sitting on the top of the substrate like other inks, sublimation ink penetrates the surface of the substrate and bonds with the material.