Youth Sublimation Apparel

Discover our collection of youth apparel for sublimation from Vapor Apparel to personalize for your customers. Sublimation youth shirts are perfect to personalize for sports, teams, events, and so much more. Create full-color designs with sublimation on short and long-sleeved youth shirts.

What is the best material for sublimation shirts?

Polyester and polyester blend shirts are the best shirts to use with sublimation. Sublimation requires your shirt to have polyester in order for the dye to permanently bond to the shirt material.

What do I need to start making sublimation shirts?

To start making sublimation shirts, you will need a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, and a heat press along with your sublimation-ready shirts.

Sublimation requires a sublimation-specific printer, paper, and ink. Good sublimation printers for sublimation shirts include the Sawgrass SG500, Sawgrass SG1000, and Epson F570. All three of these printers are available for purchase on our site.

Sublimation-specific paper is also required for sublimation. We carry various brands and sizes of sublimation paper depending on your projects.

A flat heat press will give you the heat and pressure you need for the sublimation dye to infuse into the material of the shirt and create a permanent bond. Various styles and sizes of flat heat presses are available for purchase on our site.