Sublimation Home Décor & Ornaments

Explore our collection of home décor and ornament blanks for sublimation. You can find an array of sublimation home décor, such as picture frames, decorative signs, coasters, cozy pillows, blankets, and so much more. These blank home décor items sublimate beautifully with vibrant colors, and they become the perfect customized gifts for your customers to give to their loved ones when you personalize with sublimation.

Browse through our selection of sublimation ornament blanks that become great décor items during the holiday season. These sublimation ornaments come in all different shapes and materials, such as aluminum ornaments, glass ornaments, acrylic ornaments, and other materials that are popular with sublimation.

What kind of ornaments can you sublimate on?

You’re able to sublimate on any kind of ornament as long as they have the special sublimation coating and they can withstand the heat and pressure during the sublimation process. Our array of sublimation ornaments is sublimation-ready, so you know that you will see the best results after sublimating on our ornament blanks.

What time and temperature for aluminum sublimation?

We carry various aluminum sublimation blanks in our sublimation home décor collection. Depending on the thickness of the aluminum blank and if it contains any other material, the time and temperature to sublimate the aluminum may vary. If you’re unsure about the sublimation time or temperature of any of our products, check the Tech Tips in the “Downloads” tab on the product pages for our sublimatable items.