Sublimation Badge Blanks, Holders, & Findings

Discover our selection of blank sublimation badges, where professionalism meets personal touch. Discover a wide range of sublimation badge blanks with different styles, sizes, and materials guaranteed to help you find a style that fits all of your customers’ needs. Find sublimation badge reel blanks, sublimation name badges, and more to personalize with full color for your customers.

Can you sublimate on badges?

You can sublimate on badges that have a special sublimation coating that’s required for this personalization type. All badges on this page are sublimation-ready and don’t require any extra steps for sublimation.

What lasts longer on badges: sublimation or vinyl?

Sublimation will ultimately last longer on your badges than vinyl if they’re sublimation-ready. Sublimation is a permanent personalization technology where the sublimation ink infuses and permanently bonds to the material when there’s heat and pressure, whereas vinyl material sits on top of the badge and can be subject to wear and tear.