Colop E-Mark Create

Embrace the world of personalization with the Colop e-mark create handheld printer and accessories. With the ability to connect to your smart device, this printer is the ultimate portable printing system that is perfect for any and every business. The Colop e-mark create helps you create custom prints, logos and messages within seconds on almost any absorbent surface.

Add compatible tools and supplies with your e-mark create to set your business up for success. Browse through ribbons, labels, business cards and more as well as tools to make your printing experiences swift and efficient. Utilize the Colop e-mark create for your personalization business, teaching, administration work, and so much more.

  • Printer dimensions - 4.38” x 3.01” x 2.86”
  • Interface – Windows 10 or higher/Android/IOS
  • Equipment Weight - 1.24 pounds
  • Battery life – 5 hours (when printing continuously)
  • Maximum print size – 5.9” L x 0.57” H
  • Resolution – 600 dpi
  • Ink colors – Black and CMY

How big is the Colop e-mark create?

The dimensions of the Colop e-mark create are 4.38” x 3.01” x 2.86” and weighs 1.24 pounds. Being one of the smallest printers on the market, the e-mark create is the ideal size for portable printing. Fit your compact printer into a purse or backpack and take your personalization with you everywhere!

Is the Colop e-mark create ink permanent?

The ink is permanent on some substrates, but it can be washed off of cloth items such as cloth napkins. Customers can personalize cloth items and wash them after the event to use them again. It’s recommended to test out the ink surfaces you would like to use it on.