Adding the e-mark Handheld Printer to Your Business

E-Mark and E-Mark Create Printers with Products

The COLOP e-mark and e-mark create handheld printers are quickly becoming an indispensable asset for crafting businesses everywhere. The portable size and versatility make these printers perfect for small projects, branding, and more. This guide goes through the features and benefits of the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create printers to show why the printers are such a hit for the personalization market.

What are the features of the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create handheld printers?

This printer is packed with features to make your printing process faster and more efficient. The e-mark and e-mark create can connect to your smart device, where you can send your prints over from the app straight to the printer. Not only can you create your own designs and add your files to the app, but COLOP also offers thousands of design templates that you can fully customize to what you want.

There’s no need to feel constricted by a cord because the wireless printer can be moved anywhere you’d like. When the printer and docking station’s battery starts to run low, you can recharge with the included charger, then return to being fully wireless once its battery is back up!

What are the benefits of using a COLOP handheld printer?

Unlike most printers, you don’t need a dedicated space for the e-mark. This printer fits easily in your hand and can be carried in a bag or purse, making it perfect for on-the-go printing and running your crafting business right out of your house!

With the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create printers you’re able to print custom designs on bags, packages, and so much more. Printing your personal or business branding yourself with your COLOP means you’d no longer have an additional cost for outsourcing to another printing company. You can create your own stamps, labels, and more with the e-mark to brand your business.

Having a versatile, portable printer also means you can do one-offs for your customers and your branding! Sometimes one-offs can be wasteful with your time and resources rather than creating multiples at one time, but with the e-mark, it only takes seconds to print your designs so you can create seasonal branding and special one-offs without having to break the bank.

What types of materials can you print on with the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create printers?

The COLOP e-mark and e-mark create are extremely versatile printers and can print on almost any absorbent surface, making it the perfect printer for any project. These handheld printers can print on non-glossy ribbons, pvc cards, paper cards, labels, and more. COLOP also sells products that are guaranteed to be compatible with the e-mark and e-mark printer, so you don’t have to test materials yourself!

Colop Business CardsColop Business Cards
Colop LabelsColop Labels
Colop RibbonsColop Ribbons
Colop Event BandsColop Event Bands

The COLOP e-mark and e-mark create printers are the perfect addition for small businesses. With the small size and the portability, you don’t have to create a dedicated space to accommodate this printer. This versatile printer makes branding and designing fast and efficient wherever you go!

Printing in the palm of your hand: Colop E-mark printersPrinting in the palm of your hand: Colop E-mark printers
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