Vinyl Blanks

Whether you’re a small business owner, a crafting enthusiast, or someone looking to add a personalized touch to your belongings, blanks for vinyl application offer endless possibilities. Our collection of blanks allows you to go as far as your imagination will take you, including tumblers, water bottles, cutting boards, coasters and more. Along with creativity, our products are known for durability, and when done properly the vinyl design applied will be a long-lasting project that you can take pride in.

Our blanks for vinyl application collection sets us apart because we have something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, we have blanks that help you reach your full potential. Items like our blank vinyl drinkware or blank mug for vinyl will set your designs apart. Check out our wide range selection or watch one of the videos on our website for inspiration!

Can blanks for vinyl be used for heat transfer projects?

Absolutely, you can use vinyl for heat transfer. However, NOT ALL vinyl blanks are suitable. You will need to make sure the blanks are able to withstand the heat and pressure from the application for heat transfer. It is very important to use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) rather than adhesive vinyl. HTV is designed to adhere to fabric when heat is applied. This makes it the correct choice when it comes to customization.

Can blanks for vinyl be used for outdoor projects?

Yes, vinyl blanks can be used for outdoor projects. However, there are several important factors to consider before making your decision. Factors include the vinyl’s durability, adhesive strength, water & UV resistance, application surface and proper application. We recommend checking out our collection on our website to find the vinyl blank that is right for you.