Sheet Materials

Discover a complete line of sheet materials for laser and rotary engraving, including two-ply plastic sheet, cast acrylics, wood, metal, cork, leather, and leather-like projects.

Our selection of products includes popular brands like Rowmark, IPI, Unisub, Chromaluxe, and more. All products have been tested and where listed will work with your specific engraving technology.

What is engravable plastic made of?

Engravable plastic is usually made of acrylic (laser and rotary engravable) or ABS (rotary engravable only) plastic. The sheets consist of a colored top layer and a colored bottom layer. These engravable plastics are sometimes referred to as laminates, because the top and bottom layers are laminated together.

What is engraving material?

Engraving material is a general term used for any flat sheet material that can be engraved in either a laser engraver or on a rotary engraver. Engraving material can consist of plastic, wood, metal, leather, cork, bamboo, and other like products. Materials for engraving should always be tested as safe by the material manufacturer for the particular equipment you’re using.