Roland BN-20A

The Roland BN-20A is a versatile desktop printer/cutter engineered to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes or people who want to make personalized items themselves. It can create transfers, custom stickers, window clings, vehicle decals and more. This 20” desktop eco-solvent printer and cutter will help you create quick and affordable designs for your customers.

With the purchase of the Roland BN-20A, you can also buy an extended warranty on your printer and cutter. The extended warranty can offer you up to two more years of protection for your machine.

What is the difference between the Roland BN-20 and BN-20A?

The Roland BN-20 and BN-20A are essentially the same printer except for one difference: their color configuration. The Roland BN-20’s color configuration is CMYK + White while the Roland BN-20A’s color configuration is CMYK.

What can you do with the Roland BN-20A?

The Roland BN-20A has many different uses and functions. It could be used as a label printer, label cutter, sticker printer, sticker cutter, decal printer or a decal cutter. The wide range of functions makes it an ideal tool for individuals looking to add versatility.