Sublimation Roll Paper

Create high-quality sublimation prints on a grand scale with sublimation roll paper! Whether you’re creating banners, posters, textiles, or expansive designs, this collection of sublimation roll papers offers the perfect foundation for vibrant and detailed prints.

Compatible with a wide range of sublimation printers, our transfer paper rolls help facilitate precise and accurate ink transfer, enabling you to create stunning, long-lasting designs with unparalleled clarity and sharpness.

Browse through different top-quality brands of sublimation roll paper, such as TextPrint®, Jetcol, Epson, and our very own Johnson Plastics Plus sublimation roll paper. Available in various lengths and widths, you’ll be sure to find the right size of roll paper for your printer and project.

What is sublimation paper rolls?

Sublimation paper is a specific type of paper designed to help you transfer your desired print onto your blank item. Sublimation roll paper comes in rolls instead of sheets, which allows you to create longer prints.

How do you use roll sublimation paper?

If you have a large-format sublimation printer, it most likely takes roll sublimation paper instead of sublimation sheets. You can find instructions and tutorials on how to load your sublimation roll paper into your printer on our videos page.