Heat Presses

Heat presses are versatile and efficient tools that take your printing and customization game to the next level. Acting like a large, hot iron, a heat press uses a combination of heat and pressure to adhere vinyl to items, create sublimation and toner heat transfer items, and more. You can use your heat press to create designs on clothes, aprons, wood, glass, tote bags, leather and much more! With user friendly designs and advancements in technology heat presses are a staple of the customization and design industry. Whether you own a business, or you’re a hobbyist, you’re sure to find a heat press that fits your personalization needs.

Our wide range of heat presses ensures that we have almost any need covered! Browse our selection of heat presses, including small and large format heat presses, specialty heat presses, press accessories, and more. We aim to provide you with the best presses and tools you need to create the designs of your dreams!

What do you use a heat press for?

A heat press is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that allows users to bring designs of their choice to life on many different surfaces. We recommend that you try your heat press for custom apparel, promotional products, DIY projects, team jerseys, caps & hats, personalized accessories, event merchandise, wood and glass. To ensure safety and quality outputs for beginners we recommend watching videos to better understand the process. We have several customization videos on our website to choose from.

How long does it take to heat press on an object?

When using a heat press you can expect the process to be fairly short. Users can expect their design to be completed within a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the type of material used, the size and complexity, and the heat press being used. Overall, heat presses are designed to create your designs quickly, the time that it takes to complete the process is relatively short. Users should consider how long it takes to create their designs and set up time as well when adding the time it takes to complete a design.