Heat Transfer Toners and Drums

Heat Transfer toner and drums are crucial components of your printing process. Toner is a fine powder made of polymers and pigments that act as the printing material in toner heat transfer. We carry toner in bundles with multiple colors or each cartridge individually. The drum’s primary function is to facilitate the last stage of the printing process. It does this by fusing the toner onto the paper, bringing your print to life. Discover our collection of high-quality toner and drums for your heat transfer business.

Do you need both toner and a drum to print?

Both toner and drum are necessary for the heat transfer printing process. The toner provides the material for creating the image, and the drum is used to transfer the image onto paper. These two components work together with other elements to produce high quality prints.

How long do toner drums last?

The things to consider when talking about how often to change your toner drum are how many pages it has handled, manufacturer’s recommendations, print volume, quality of maintenance and print quality. Frequent maintenance and care for your toner drum can go along to the longevity of your drum before change is required.