Sublimation Shapes, Tags, & Accessories

Sublimation is a great personalization method for a wide variety of substrates including bag tags and keychains in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Help your customers keep their belongings safe and organized with sublimation tags, keychains, and more. Johnson Plastics Plus sublimation blanks are tested to be sublimation-ready, meaning you don’t need to take any extra steps before personalizing the substrates with sublimation.

Can you sublimate on aluminum dog tags?

Not all aluminum dog tags are ready to use with sublimation. Sublimation requires a special coating on the aluminum dog tags you’re trying to personalize. The dog tags shown on this page are ready for sublimation right out of the package.

How do you sublimate a bag tag?

To sublimate a bag tag, you first need to make sure the bag tag is sublimation-ready. You then want to print off your design with a sublimation printer and tape it onto your bag tag. Once your design transfer is taped onto your tag, you need to press it at the correct time and temperature. If you’re unsure of what temperature and time length to press the bag tag, head to the downloads tab on the product page and download our tech tips.