Sheet Materials

Discover various sublimation-ready sheet materials to create full-color personalization for your customers. Find aluminum sublimation blanks as well as sublimation blanks made from acrylic, stainless steel, wood, hardboard, brass, and more!

These sublimation sheets come in a wide range of materials and sizes to fit your fabrication needs. Create signage, photo panels, and more with our selection of sheet materials for sublimation.

What is a sublimation sheet?

A sublimation sheet is a sheet material that has a special coating that makes it sublimation-ready. With the special sublimation coating, you can personalize the sheet with a full-color design.

Can you use any printer for a sublimation sheet?

Sublimation-specific printers are the only printers that can be used for sublimating. Two great brands for sublimation are Sawgrass and Epson. Sawgrass and Epson carry both desktop sublimation printers as well as large-format printers for sublimation businesses looking to grow.