Heat Transfer Papers & Foils

From personalized apparel to stunning art projects, heat transfer papers and foils offer endless possibilities. Personalize glass, acrylic, metal, plastic, wood, leather, cotton fabrics and many more materials with heat transfer! We offer heat transfer paper and foils for hard surfaces, soft garments, and everything in between. Our wide array of premium paper and foils include trusted brands like Uninet, iColor, Siser and more.

What is the difference between heat transfer paper and heat transfer foil?

Heat transfer paper is typically coated with a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side. After your design is printed on one side of the paper it is then placed on the fabric or surface, heat is applied. This causes the adhesive to bond the design you made with the material you selected. Transfer foil is a thin sheet often made with metallic materials like aluminum or other metals. However, unlike the transfer paper, transfer foil does not have a printable surface. Instead of printing a design, a heat-activated adhesive is typically applied to the surface. The foil is then placed over adhesive, heat and pressure are applied which causes the foil to transfer to the desired surface.

Are heat transfer paper and heat transfer foil safe to use?

Heat transfer paper and heat transfer foils are generally considered safe when used following the manufacturer's guidelines. Heat transfer papers when used correctly are typically safe for skin contact. It is important to follow care instructions especially when items come in direct contact with the skin. Transfer foils are generally safe, however they require attention to the adhesive and coatings used during the application process. It’s essential to ensure proper adhesion without any sharps edges that could cause discomfort. Both transfer foils and paper should be disposed of properly and within local waste and recycling regulations.