Hardboard Plaques

Hardboard Plaques
Hardboard plaques for sublimation. Pre-coated with polyester and ready to press.

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  1. Unisub White MDF Plaques
    Unisub White MDF Plaques
    Item # UN5669-EA, UN1001-EA, UN1002-EA, UN1003-EA, UN1004-EA, UN5670-EA, UN1005-EA, UN1006-EA, UN1007-EA, UN1008-EA, UN5584-EA, UN5669-CS, UN1001-CS, UN1002-CS, UN1003-CS, UN1004-CS, UN5670-CS, UN1005-CS, UN1006-CS, UN1007-CS, UN1008-CS, UN5584-CS
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