Gifts for Personalization

Explore our collection of sublimation blanks ready to be personalized for your customers as gifts for any and every occasion. We carry a wide range of sublimation products that include sublimation ornament blanks, sublimation glass blanks, sublimation home décor, and so much more.

Spark new sublimation gift ideas for your business by browsing through our collection of sublimation blanks. These blank products can be personalized with full-color designs for holidays, special events, birthdays, and more!

Can I make my own sublimation blanks?

Creating sublimation blanks requires coating the blanks with a special sublimation coating. Only products with this sublimation coating will accept the dye sublimation ink during the heating and pressing process. If you want sublimation-ready blanks that don’t require any extra step to coat the blank, check out our selection of sublimation blanks.

Can you sublimate onto glass?

Not all glass can be used with sublimation. In order to sublimate onto glass, the item needs to have a special sublimation coating. All sublimation products found here are fully ready to be used with sublimation to show your full-color customizations.