Bulk Ink

Shop our wide range of bulk sublimation ink, perfect for a large business flying through sublimation inks or anticipating a busy season for your personalization business. When you buy your ink in bulk, you don’t have to make orders as frequently and focus on your orders!

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of purchasing your sublimation inks in large volumes. These bulk ink offerings are ideal for businesses looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and ensure uninterrupted production without frequent restocking of ink.

Can you use regular ink instead of sublimation ink?

Regular inkjet ink and sublimation ink have entirely different chemical makeups. If you use regular ink in your sublimation printer, your prints will come out wrong, and the ink will not bond to your item as sublimation ink does.

How do I drain my Epson Ecotank?

To drain your Epson Ecotank, you will need to turn the printer upside-down. You can use a large plastic bowl or jug to catch the ink you’re draining from the printer.