Hardboard & Wood

Our selection of hardboard sublimation sheets is perfect for your full-color personalization needs. Whether you’re looking for 1-sided or 2-sided hardboard sheets to sublimate on, you’ll find what you need here!

These hardboard sheets are perfect for creating signs, home décor items, and so much more! Cut and sublimate the hardboard sheet to create unique shapes and sizes for your customers.

Can you sublimate on hardboard?

Because sublimation requires a special sublimation coating on your transfer, you can’t sublimate on just any hardboard. The hardboard selection shown here consists of hardboard that is sublimation-ready, so you can sublimate on the hardboard sheets right away without any extra steps.

What are hardboard sheets used for?

Hardboard sheets are used for various purposes. A few ways you can use hardboard when you sublimate it is as home and building decoration, name signs, and custom keychains.