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Creating full-color images with UV-LED printing is an excellent option for adding vibrancy to your product offerings! Discover the supplies you need to bring your colorful ideas to life with our collection of UV-LED supplies and inks.

What is an adhesion promoter?

An adhesion promoter is a type of chemical compound used in various industries, particularly in surface coatings and adhesives, to enhance the bonding strength between a substrate and a coating or adhesive material. Adhesion promoters work by creating a strong bond at the interface between the substrate surface and the applied coating or adhesive, thus improving adhesion and preventing issues such as delamination or peeling. The primary function of an adhesion promoter is to promote molecular adhesion between dissimilar materials or surfaces that may have poor inherent bonding properties. They accomplish this by chemically modifying the substrate surface to make it more receptive to bonding with the coating or adhesive. Adhesion promoters typically contain reactive functional groups that can chemically interact with both the substrate surface and the coating or adhesive material.

What supplies do I need for UV-LED printing?

Here are the basic supplies you would need for UV-LED printing. First, a UV-LED printer! You’ll also need a design software that is compatible with your printer. Additionally, you’ll need UV-curable inks that are compatible with your specific UV-LED printer. Once you’ve chosen your printer and inks, choose your substrates. UV printing can be done on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood, and more. Choose substrates that are compatible with UV printing and suitable for your specific application.

For maintenance, it's essential to keep the printer's printheads and other components clean to maintain print quality and prevent clogging. Use a compatible cleaning solution recommended by the printer manufacturer.

Additionally, to keep yourself safe while printing, be sure you have the proper protective equipment and ventilation systems.