Vinyl Tools

Vinyl is used to make a number of personalized items that includes signage and graphics, vehicle wraps, decals and stickers, home décor or apparel. Translating designs from imagination to reality demands precise and meticulous applications. Our collection of vinyl tools will enhance your ability to make your vinyl application designs a reality. Tools aid users by making the application promise more user friendly. Our collection includes transfer sheets, tweezers, squeegees and more that will guide you through the creation process.

What is a vinyl squeegee and how does it work?

A vinyl squeegee is a tool commonly used in the vinyl application process. It is designed to press and smooth out vinyl labels or decals. They are typically used with a vinyl cutter to apply decals to surfaces like walls, windows, vehicles and other electronic devices. Squeegees may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same common functionality. Overall, vinyl squeegees are essential tools to add to your toolbox.

How do I prevent bubbles and wrinkles when applying vinyl?

Preventing bubbles and wrinkles is very important for a professional look when applying vinyl. Some tips that may help minimize common issues are to prepare the surface, use the proper application techniques, apply in sections, apply at room temperature and practice patience. By following these techniques, you can potentially reduce the likelihood of bubbles or wrinkles when applying vinyl.