Colop Equipment

Welcome to the world of Colop, a renowned brand with innovation and excellence in stamping and marking solutions. Browse through Colop equipment, such as the e-mark and e-mark create, that is revolutionizing how businesses, quite literally, leave their mark.

Discover a range of stamping solutions designed for modern convenience. Featuring cutting edge technology, the Colop e-mark and the e-mark create provide an efficient and mess-free experience for you and your business. Colop also offers adhesive labels, ink cartridges and other products that elevate your experience. The sleek designs and user-friendly mechanisms make Colop equipment a favorite among professionals seeking both style and functionality.

How does a Colop e-mark work?

To use the Colop e-mark, users first design their desired imprints through the dedicated Colop e-mark app on their mobile device or computer which establishes a wireless connection between the device and the app. Users then position the Colop e-mark over the chosen surface and initiate the imprinting process. This prompts the device to transfer the designed imprint, which can include text, graphics, logos, or custom elements, onto the surface using specialized quick-drying ink.

What can you print on with the Colop e-mark?

The Colop e-mark and e-mark create can be used with almost any absorbent surface. We recommend using non-glass paper, cardboard, textiles, cork, stone, unglazed ceramics, untreated leather, and other absorbent surfaces. Items listed on this page have been tested and are compatible with both the e-mark and e-mark create.