Antares is the premier brand for engraving cutters, including carbide, carbide tipped and diamond tipped.

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  1. Antares Standard Cutter for Plastic
    Antares Standard Cutter for Plastic
    Item # C125F005-EA, C125F010-EA, C125F015-EA, C125F020-EA, C125F025-EA, C125F030-EA, C125F040-EA, C125F045-EA, C125F050-EA, C125F060-EA, C125F075-EA, C125F090-EA, C125F125-EA, C125FPT-EA, C171F005-EA, C171F010-EA, C171F015-EA, C171F020-EA, C171F025-EA, C171F030-EA, C171F040-EA, C171F045-EA, C171F050-EA, C171F060-EA, C171F090-EA, C171F125-EA, C171F171-EA, C171FPT-EA, C250F005-EA, C250F010-EA, C250F015-EA, C250F020-EA, C250F025-EA, C250F030-EA, C250F040-EA, C250F045-EA, C250F050-EA, C250F060-EA, C250F090-EA, C250F125-EA, C250F171-EA, C250F250-EA, C250FPT-EA
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