Your full-color printing capabilities will shine when you use our UV-LED printable metal sheet. Whether you’re searching for a brilliant white or a classic metal color, like gold or silver, we’ve got you covered with our collection. The collection includes industry preferred brands like IPI and VersaMet and material sizes ranging from 12”H x 24”W and .020” -.040” thick!

What is the price of UV-LED metal?

Pricing for metal sheets varies. Factors that influence the cost of sheet metal include: material thickness, material size, and type of metal. If there is any additional labor required to prepare your sheet, like adding adhesive, there may be an additional price consideration to factor in your project budget. Our collection offers a range of pricing to fit the budget of your next full color printing project so you can shop with us worry-free!

Is metal ADA compliant?

There are certain metals that are suitable for ADA compliant projects. When choosing material for an ADA compliant project, ensure it meets the standards for contrast, matte finish, and material thickness.