Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect blank charcuterie board or fridge magnets, you've come to the right place! Expand your personalized gift offerings with our diverse line of kitchen engraving blanks. Dig in to trending items, like blank cutting boards and wine accessories, and bring your vision to life! The items on this page have been tested and proven safe to engrave so you can feel confident putting these items in your cart and laser.

How do you personalize a gift?

Customizing a gift is a thoughtful and unique way to add value to an item! A few common ways to personalize a gift item include engraving or embossing a special message, with a laser engraver, rotary engraver, or UV-LED printer, adding a photo, or marking with a monogram. For example, a very common item to personalize is a blank cutting board. Adding the name of a newlywed couple to a blank cutting board promotes the item from its traditional place in a drawer to a decorative spot on the counter. Explore our digital catalogue to find the perfect cutting boards and other kitchen gift items to customize.