StandOffs & Screwcaps

Stand-offs are an attractive and simple sign mounting solution. In addition to signs and directories, standoffs are a fantastic way to display artwork, posters, trade show displays, and more. Available in a variety of distinctive designs to fit your custom mounting needs, standoffs are an excellent choice!

Are standoffs a good option for displaying signage in an outdoor space?

Yes! Standoffs are a great option for signage in a variety of environments. When choosing your mounting fixture, ensure to choose a brand that is equipped for the elements. For example, Gyford standoffs are made-in-USA and the quality construction and materials make a great choice for an outdoor or hybrid space.

What are the different parts of a standoff?

Standoffs typically consist of several parts that work together to create a secure and elevated mounting for various items, such as signs, panels, or displays. These parts include the barrel, cape, base, screws, spacers, washers, and threaded inserts.

The central cylindrical component that connects the sign or panel to the mounting surface is often called the barrel. It is threaded on both ends and is usually hollow to allow for the passage of screws or bolts.

The top part of the standoff that covers and secures the sign or panel is the screw cap. Caps can come in various shapes and designs, adding aesthetic appeal to the installation. The base, or bottom part, of the standoff that attaches to the mounting surface (e.g., wall, desk). It is typically flat and provides stability.Mounting hardware may include screws or bolts, spacers, washers, inserts and anchors. These components are used to secure the standoff to the mounting surface and provide additional support.

Standoffs are often used in signage, displays, and architectural applications to create a modern and visually appealing way of mounting items. The specific assembly process and the number of parts may vary depending on the design and intended use of the standoffs. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.