Ink & Media

Ink and media play an extremely important role in transforming ideas to reality. The quality of ink has a drastic impact on the outcome and quality of your creation. Along with ink, the substrate, the machine, and the cleanliness of your work area/machine all play a pivotal role in the outcome. It is essential that your equipment works together as a team to ensure the best results. These products work well with vinyl plotters and cutters for vinyl application. Ink and media will help to bring out the best in your signage, stickers, apparel, DIY projects and more. Our selection can help businesses and artists alike get the most out of their designs.

How do I get optimal print quality and color accuracy?

There are several factors to consider when trying to achieve optimal print quality. To start you must select high-quality ink and media that are compatible with your printer and are ideal for application. Next, ensure that the ink type and canvas used are compatible with each other. Additionally, calibrating your printer and monitor to the needs of the project will further help your cause. Routine maintenance can go along way with the upkeep and longevity of your printer.