Mounting & Standoffs

Our line of sign mounting fixtures features popular and attractive solutions for your custom mounting needs. Whether you’re looking for a wire system for a complex installation, or a simple standoff kit for mounting a single sign, our lineup of mounting fixtures has the solution you need.

What is a wire mounting fixture for signage?

Wire mounting typically refers to a mounting system where signs are suspended from wires or cables. This type of system is often used for hanging signs from ceilings or other overhead structures. The wires are attached to the sign and then secured to the ceiling or other mounting points. This approach provides a clean and modern look, especially suitable for retail spaces, galleries, or areas where a floating appearance is desired.

Alternatively, it might describe a fixture or bracket that incorporates wires in its design for mounting signs. This could involve a frame or structure where wires are an integral part of the mounting mechanism, providing support and stability for the sign.

What are standoffs?

Stand-offs are an attractive and simple sign mounting solution. They are hardware components used to create a gap or standoff distance between two surfaces. In addition to signs and directories, standoffs are a fantastic way to display artwork, posters, trade show displays, and more. A standoff typically consists of several parts that work together to create a secure and elevated mounting solution. These parts include the barrel, cap, base, screws, spacers, washers, and threaded inserts.