Tools & Equipment

Shop our collection of tools and equipment for engraving, including cutters, fixtures and laser accessories. We’ve rounded up all the laser cutting supplies you need so you can spend your time fabricating, not shopping! No need to scour the web for the tools you need to expand or keep your shop running smoothly. Simply add what you need to replenish the supply closet to cart, click order and you can get back to engraving! Our collection of tools includes tabletop laser engraving cutters and accessories from brands like Flux lasers, saws and shears, cleaning kits and other essential parts to keep your fabrication process moving.

How much does an engraving machine cost?

The cost of an engraving machine can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of machine, its features, and its intended use. When shopping for an engraving machine, consider your intended applications, the materials you plan to work with, and the level of precision and volume you require. If you’re just starting out, consider a tabletop laser, like Flux, as an affordable point of entry into the laser engraving space. These tabletop lasers are also a wise addition to larger shops to free up space and time in your large engraving machines for big jobs.

How can I cut plastic?

Cutting plastic can be done using various methods, and the choice depends on the type and thickness of the plastic and the precision required. Two popular methods are the use of (1) a laser engraving or rotary engraving machine and (2) a saw or shear. If you choose the engraving route, our product selection has everything you need to keep the machine running and cutting smoothly. If you need to cut products down to size, we’ve got a selection of the industry’s leading cutters to make cutting plastic to fit your job and shop’s needs quick and easy!